Role Introduction of Kuisanti

Role Introduction of Kuisanti

Quisanti wiped his forehead and wiped a handful of sweat mud with his bloody fingers. His back was slightly bent, and his fresh wound was burning, but his tall body still dwarfed a dozen attackers around him. The corpses at my feet were burning in the hot sun on the sand of Shuruima. These are all fanatical believers of a ascent, and the demigod they believe in has always been trying to kill Quesanti.

Several disabled party members raised their swords. Quisanti saw the reflection on the blade. He knew that the hot sun was watching all this above his head, and it was staring and waiting for his action. He imagined himself dead here in his mind and spat at the ground. This is a simple ambush. He became the glory of Nazumun, not to die in such a place. What's more, on this grassland, his ancestors had defeated stronger enemies. At present, this is at most a group of robbers - robbers who are bewitched by some crazy wizard and think that they can create something great.

The maniacs rushed up with shouts, stepping on the tall grass and shaking. Quisanti observed their movements. No strategy - only bloodthirsty impulse. He clenched his teeth. Although his legs were bleeding, his chest was bruised, and his mouth was still bloody, he still gathered strength to stabilize his body.

The collision of steel made a loud noise. Kuisanti holds two Tuo axes to block a fatal blow. He roared and pushed away his opponent's blade. The weight of the weapon gave him great advantage. Quisanti took this into consideration when he made this weapon. This pair of heavy, huge and angular weapons are made of the armour and skin of the python lion beast, which is one of the strongest materials in Surima.

A maniac rushed to the front and cut Quisanti's cheek with his sword. He gave a grunt and pushed the Tuoxi vigorously. The enemy who fought with him was overthrown to the ground. Then he rounded his arms and knocked down the maniac who had scratched his cheek. He gave a light laugh. It was strange. He thought it was easy to kill Bakai. By contrast, the current rounds of attacks were more difficult.

"Kill that heretic!" The enemy shouted, "Your Highness Wu Ling has orders!"

Kuisanti has many personal opinions about Zeras, but it is a waste of words to talk with this group of followers of witchcraft. They will also lie on the ground like others soon, and it is impossible for them to take messages for him. Moreover, he would like to tell the wizard that the Bakai was killed by him. When I think of this, I think that the witch spirit who calls himself "God" will create a python lion beast to kill innocent people

Quisanti felt a fit of nausea. His people, his culture, those are his pride. Unfortunately for the followers of the witches and spirits, this pride is the fuel for their survival. He was dazzled and grasped the weapon in his hand to meet the enemy's another attack.

The maniacs rushed in from all directions. How many people are they? Four, five, six? His eyes were blurry and clear, maybe because of the heat, maybe because of fatigue. He took a step forward, but suddenly his right knee stumbled. He wielded two Tuaxes, keeping his balance and resisting attacks from above and below. Now a group of enemies are all fighting against him. They must think he can't carry it.

How is that possible?

He roared, overturned all the enemies and stood up again. But before he could launch a counterattack, three arrows fell from the sky and hit three people's throats. Quisanti was surprised to see the three men struggling for breath, and finally turned over and fell to the ground.

"Take them!" A voice commands.

Kuisanti turned around and saw a tall figure in armor, holding a bow, followed by three other archers, who were carrying three new arrows. Their battle gowns were all decorated with patterns of gold and green. The other leader wore a decorative mask to cover his face.

"Don't worry, visitor of Nazumun." The leader said, "We are not friends of the ascent."

Quisanti glanced at the arrow feather on the body of the maniac, "I see it."

The leader laughed loudly. His voice was warm and steady, with an indescribable familiarity. Although Quisanti could not see the man's face, he felt relieved.

The maniac charges again, and the reinforcements killed by Quisanti on the way are also assembled.

"Are you ready, Nazumun?" Asked the leader.

"Of course."

Quisanti smashed the axe on his hands to the ground. The earth cracked in front, and dust and gravel erupted along the crack. The nearest enemy to Kuisanti was repelled by several paces. The outer layer of the Tomahawk also broke and fell off. The core of the weapon was exposed to the sun, and a pair of obsidian blades appeared. Quisanti held the handle back and pointed the blade straight forward. He knew that his time was limited. Before long, the defensive shell of this weapon would repair itself.

Quisanti leapt forward. He used all his strength to spin his body in the air, raised his legs and hit three enemies with a slalom kick. Just as they rolled back, he landed and stood firm, and two Tuaxi chopped their trunks at the same time, cutting the armor and flesh.

The maniacs screamed.

Kuisanti's friends shouted.

A shower of arrows fell beside him, blocking the flanking attack.

"Leave no survivors!" The leader gave a loud order.

Quisanti nodded. Red ran down his face - whether it was his own blood or the blood of the enemy. He clenched his teeth and tightened his body, stood up and thrust the sharp blade into the enemy's heart. They fell one by one.

When the dust settled, the maniacs lay still and finally became as quiet as other companions.

"It's over." The leader said with satisfaction.

"Yes." Quisanti said, "It's over now." He stood up, but in this way he had exhausted all his strength. His face and body were bright red, his eyes were still on those corpses, and the two Tuoxi in his hands had begun to repair themselves.

"You haven't changed at all, Quisanti." The leader said.

Quisanti looked up. The mask has now been taken off, and a smile looks back at his eyes. Quisanti thought he would never see this smile again, and it appeared on the man's face - Tuppe.

"You must have a lot to ask. But don't worry. Follow me." Tuppe pointed to the distance and said, "Our camp is nearby. You must be tired."

Quisanti could not calm his trembling breath. Although he still couldn't make up his mind, the idea of taking a break made him irresistible. Quisanti nodded slowly and took a step, but the world began to rotate in an instant. He collapsed to the ground.


Quisanti laughed again. After so many years, Tuppe is still smart. It was precisely because of this that he made friends with Tuppe. In their time together, there is always laughter. Hunting and eating together, the most eternal memory between them is the laughter they shared.

Quisanti misses this relationship very much. However, he also knew that separation was the right choice. At last, the hunting of pythons and lions broke their tacit understanding. They were young then. No one is convinced. And always arguing about right and wrong. Self esteem is a strange thing. Sometimes it will achieve your best self, and at the same time it will bring the worst results.

Quisanti had imagined many scenes, but he never thought that he would sit at the table and talk with this person as he is now. But he was not unprepared. A few years ago, he promised himself that if this day came, he would not say any words of complaint. The past is over. In fact, he is more concerned about the present and the future.

Quisanti looked away from the food. "How did you two meet?"

"Ah, that's funny." Tuppe replied, "We met at school."


"Hmm." Tuppe paused briefly. "After the boa lion thing, I went back to the pith print. I went back to school to learn. You know, I've always liked studying the details of combat. So I spent several years learning everything I could, such as military strategies in other distant cultures. Noxas, Demasia, and the cold warriors of Freirdrod."

Quisanti pretended to be surprised. "Is that why they made you a commander?" He took an exaggerated breath of air. "The war will really let the characters do their best. They can use whatever they can."

Tupei smiled and said, "I'm relieved to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor."

He leaned back in his chair. "We've all come a long way, Quisanti." Tuppe said softly, "When we started, we were still two young hunters... What did they say about us? We only have skills, but no rules?"

Quisanti nodded: "Now we have some skills and know some rules... but we are still short of heat."

Tupei laughed loudly and unrestrained. Quisanti recalled the warmth brought by the laughter - Tuppe always gives people a sense of stability. Quisanti sighed and twisted his shoulder. For the first time since he sat in this chair, he also leaned back against the back of the chair.

"You know, I never had a chance to say that before." Tuppe started the conversation, "Maybe it's because I didn't believe it at that time, but now... if I don't say it again, I will regret it for a lifetime. So I have something to say."

Quisanti looked at Tuppe - he didn't go on, but his hands began to pick up his nails.

"I'm sorry." Tuppe finally stood up and said. "I didn't fully support you at that time. That is, the python lion thing. At least, it wasn't the support you wanted. I didn't realize at that time that for you -"

"No." Quisanti interrupted him.

This dialogue has been imagined many times in his mind. A few years ago, he couldn't stop thinking about it as long as he calmed down. He repeatedly recalled his feelings and pondered the reasons behind them. Later, it was no longer his obsession, but more like a lesson. From time to time, he reminded him of the transformation that this experience had made him, so that he finally saw how much damage his ego could cause.

It took him more time to really understand, including now, that his arrogance is a force that can push others away and turn the tide on the battlefield. In a cooperative relationship, this force... will push people away. It's just very simple and direct to fight the enemy. But reconciliation with others is too complicated and subtle.

In recent days, Quisanti has not always imagined this dialogue, or even forgotten it. In other words, he did not expect such an occasion today, but the long toss and turn in the early years allowed him to say the next words without thinking.

"No." Quisanti repeated firmly, then leaned forward, "I hurt you."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, that lion is very deadly. And yes, hunting it is more important to me than anything else - that means I can become the greatest soldier of Nazumun. But I didn't need to do it in a way that belittled you. In fact, your notes helped me a lot. It was you who found it was actually a Bakai. Thanks to you, I can finish the hunt we started together. I want to thank you for that."

Quisanti looked down at their plates, and both ate only half of them. It is obvious that we talked too much. He raised his eyes and looked at Tupei. "I'm not a qualified partner either. I'd like to apologize to you for that. I'm sorry."

When the cold wind in the desert blew, he saw Tuppe's expression softened. The sun must have set. But he did not remember when it was.

He took a deep breath and smiled. "But you should thank me, too."

"Oh?" Tuppe was amused. He took a sip of the wine and thought about Quisanti's words, "Why?"

"Thanks to what I did at that time, you can reap today's career and love."

Tuppe laughed and choked the wine out of his nostrils. He threw himself forward and backward, thumped his chest and stamped his feet. Laughter can also be contagious. Their laughter and laughter are integrated into the song and dance beside the campfire in the camp.

"Your self-respect," said Tuppe, "never gives up." He smiled and sighed, and wiped off the wine drops on the table. "That is your most powerful force, and I, of course, may not be just me, will feel that Nazumang is very lucky to have you. In today's world, who should be the glory of Nazumang?"

Quisanti lay on the back of his chair, enjoying the broad night sky. This dialogue had imagined thousands of different trends in his mind. But now, seeing Tuppe's success, hearing his understanding, and feeling his maturity - plus Quisanti's own growth, he finally felt relaxed.

He picked up the coconut milk jug and filled himself with a cup. "No one is more suitable than you to be the commander of the Medulla Seal."

"Here's to us." Tupei raised his glass and said, "Whether it's a soaring man, an emperor or a monster -"

"No one can touch our homeland, we will stand still!"

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