Jade Sword Legend - Talon

Tyrone is a dagger in the dark, a murderer with no mercy. He will not give any warning before he shoots, will not leave any retreat, and will not cause any alertness. Tyrone branded himself dangerously in the savage streets of Noxus, where he was forced to fight, kill, and steal to survive. He was later adopted by the notorious Du Quecao family, and now he devotes his life-threatening means to the command of the Empire, assassinating enemy leaders, officers and heroes, including of course any Noxa who offended the Supreme Commander. Stupid.

Jade Sword Legend - Irelia

The Noxian occupation of Ionia has spawned many heroes, but none as surprising as Irelia of Navori. She transformed the ancient dance skills of her hometown into combat skills, and controlled the deadly blade clump with the graceful posture of careful practice. After she proved her combat prowess, she was elected as the leader and leader of the resistance army, and she has been fighting to defend her homeland to this day.

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