The LPL division is a place rich in legends, with new stars coming one after another, and giants emerging one after another. In contrast, the newly established FPX team does not have a long and glorious history of e-sports, and because the team logo is a phoenix, it is affectionately called "Little Phoenix" by fans. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship was the first time that FPX teams set foot on the stage of the World Championship. Their performance in the group stage was not perfect, and at times it was a mess. The first result in the group did not make them feel excited and joyful. Compared with the next rivals, Little Phoenix's performance was still not stable and dazzling.

Almost everyone comes to the e-sports arena for their dreams. The fledgling Tian is just a member of the dream-chasing army. I wonder if Tian, ​​who was sitting on the bench in 2018, would think about what his life would be like if he hadn't become an e-sports player? There are only a few people in the sky, and more are unknown players like Tian. When flowers and applause surrounded the arena, Tian silently hid behind the lights, training, training again. Tian believes that he will not be mediocre forever, he just needs an opportunity. An opportunity for Nirvana to be reborn. Gather the fire into a phoenix, and the phoenix sings in all directions.

Before the game, the FPX team was not the most promising team. The team was established for a short time, lacked experience in the world competition, and had no absolute advantage in the matchup... But the FPX team proved with their strength that League of Legends is a team competitive game, and team strength surpasses individual ability. above. As Crisp Liu Qingsong said in the promotional video for the 2019 spring playoffs, when the right five people come together, they will become an immortal phoenix. The S9 theme song "Nirvana" seems to be tailor-made for the FPX team, and no one is a natural champion. Bathed in fire, you can be reborn.

Phoenix is ​​the representative symbol of the FPX team. Nirvana is reborn and soars into the sky. The design team wants to express this spirit of soaring into the sky in the work, this energy that turns the ordinary into a miracle. After soliciting ideas from FPX team players, the design concept they were most interested in was an anime-style superhero team.

The shape of the FPX team champion naturally has a phoenix element, which not only gives a sense of fierceness visually, but the helmet also adopts the winged volley shape, which represents the spirit of the team's spirit of Changhong; the main color is red and yellow, which is consistent with the team logo of the FPX team. The color tone remains the same; the tight-fitting combat uniform with mechanical texture is the favorite superhero style of FPX players. The hero has appeared, where is the little monster?

From forming a relationship with e-sports to gathering in the FPX team, five players, GimGoon, Tian, ​​Doinb, Lwx, and Crisp, swayed their youthful blood to the hall of LOL's highest glory, leaving good memories for all e-sports players. In order to celebrate the FPX team in the LPL division won the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, we present the FPX champion mini figure set for the FPX team and global e-sports enthusiasts. Team FPX will receive a share of the champion mini-figure set sales.

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