To the Lotland tribe, Lo of Vastaya is a notorious troublemaker and the greatest war dancer of all time. He's dashing, charismatic, and elusive at the same time. In the eyes of the residents of the Ionian Highlands, the name "Rakan" is sure to bring lively festive celebrations, rave parties and chaotic music. Few people know that this energetic libertine is a pair with the rebellious Xia, and his every move is to fully cooperate with hers.


A warrior of Vastaya, Xayah wants to start a revolution to save her clan. She is agile and witty, and with her sharp-edged feather blade, she can sweep away any dissidents. Xia and her soulmate Luo fight side by side to protect their declining clan, while keeping a low profile, hoping one day to lead the clan back to its former glory.

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