Soul cleaning holy gun Senna

Senna, who was cursed as a child, was destined to be constantly disturbed by the supernatural black fog, so she joined a holy order called "sentinel of light" to fight back bravely. But in the end, she died in the battle, and her soul was imprisoned in the lantern of the cruel spirit hammer stone. Senna, who refused to lose hope, learned how to use black fog in the lantern, and was reborn, accepting permanent change. Today, Senna uses the power of darkness and light at the same time, and wants to use the power of black fog to end the black fog - every time the gunfire of sacred weapons redeems the soul in the fog.

Saint gun Ranger Lucian

Lucian, a sentinel of light, a cruel hunter who hunts the undead, uses a pair of relic pistols to ruthlessly track and kill. When the complaining hammer stone took his wife's life, Lucian embarked on the road of revenge. But even though she was reborn, his anger did not subside. Merciless and stubborn Lucian will protect the living at all costs and fight against the long dead terror in the black fog.

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